Hawks Suffer First Defeat

The Hawks lost their first game tonight, but it sure wasn't for lack of effort. In fact, with Josh Smith already out, Zaza Pachulia out for most of the game with injury, and Al Horford out for much of the game due to foul trouble, the Hawks had a 1 point lead when Paul Pierce hit a clutch shot with 0.5 seconds left in the game. The Hawks couldn't cleanly inbound the ball for a final desperation shot, and the Celtics had a 1 point victory.

This was by far the most exciting regular season loss I can ever remember watching. It was also as close to a moral victory as you can get. It proved to the Celtics we are for real, and can beat them even on their court, something we couldn't even come close to doing during the playoffs last season. This was important to prove not only to the Celtics but to ourselves if we are to meet the Celtics again in a playoff rematch later this year.

The Hawks now will try to put this loss behind them and will play a back to back with the New Jersey Nets. First at New Jersey on Friday, then in Atlanta on Saturday.

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